Sacred Threads

Congratulations to the artists in our Harmony Exhibit.

On display at the Broadway Gallery, June 1 - August 31, 2022.

Enjoy this video of the exhibit from reception sponsor, Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts.

This is an exciting collaboration between Sacred Threads curators Lisa Ellis and Barbara Hollinger with the Broadway Galleries.

The theme for this exhibit is "Harmony". In a time when our world feels chaotic, we look for Harmony in our lives. Artists used this word as a jumping off point to think about Harmony and what it means to them, their artwork, their time, their art practice, etc.

All the piece in the exhibit are square with multiples of 12". We will be creating a unique "patchwork" installation on the walls of the gallery.

Name Quilt Title Dimensions
Patricia Arndt Is It Pumpkin Spice Season Yet? 12"x 12"
Lisa Arthaud Sunrise Symphony 24" x 24"
Terry Aske Duet 24" x 24"
Amy Axen "Harmonic Hues" 12"x 12"
Bobbi Baugh But In The Silence Between 36" x 36"
Anne Bellas Voisinage idéal/ My ideal neighborhood 24" x 24"
Brownyn Bigelow Reflection 12"x 12"
Marcia Birken Dawn at Three Gorges on the Yangtze River 12"x 12"
Marcia Birken Sunrise at Three Gorges on the Yangtze River 24" x 24"
Arlene L Blackburn Meadow Wildflowers 12"x 12"
Deborah Boschert Waking Up 24" x 24"
Deborah Boschert Turning In 24" x 24"
Earamichia Brown At One 48" x 48"
JoAnn Camp Quench Your Thirst 12"x 12"
Kay Campbell In Mother Nature’s Glow 24" x 24"
Vicki Conley A Riot of Color 48" x 48"
Gabriele DiTota Golden Hour 24" x 24"
Eileen Doughty The Test 12"x 12"
Sarah Entsminger White's Ferry II 24" x 24"
Sarah Entsminger Stolen Dreams 12"x 12"
Carol Esch Tantalizing Triangles 24" x 24"
Marla Ferguson-Leak Shattered 24" x 24"
Gwen Goepel Pieces of Peace 12"x 12"
MARY GRANDE Twilight Falls 24" x 24"
Peg Green For the Beauty of the Earth 48" x 48"
Cindy Grisdela Going My Way? 12"x 12"
Christine Hager-Braun Finding Balance 24" x 24"
Kathryn Hayes After the Masks 24" x 24"
Nancy Hershberger Rock, Paper, Scissors 36" x 36"
MaryKay Hymes It's a Yin-Yang Thing 24" x 24"
Naida Koraly The Joyful Path 24" x 24"
Naida Koraly Under the Sea 36" x 36"
Marty Kotter Variations on a Theme 24" x 24"
Mary-Ellen Latino Let the Good Times Roll! 24" x 24"
Mary-Ellen Latino Rhythm and Joy! 36" x 36"
Barbara Lynne "...A hidden promise, butterflies will soon be free." 12"x 12"
Barbara Matthews Morning Reflections 36" x 36"
Rosemary McBride We Are the Same; Just a Little Different 36" x 36"
Susanne Miller Jones Flutterby 24" x 24"
Myania Moses We’re at it Again 36" x 36"
Diane L. Murtha Susquehanna 24" x 24"
Clara Nartey Breaking Bread 36" x 36"
Sheila Riess Serena 24" x 24"
Sheila Riess The One You Feed 24" x 24"
Elaine Ross Harmony is the Color of Music 24" x 24"
Ileana Soto CounterPoint 12"x 12"
Christine Vinh Blooming 12"x 12"
Maude Wallace Haeger Jazzy Blue Notes Dancing in a Garden of Harmony 60" x 60"
Dianne Miller Wolman Study in Stitches 12"x 12"
Cyndi Zacheis and Nancy Hershberger Stepping into the Unknown 24" x 24"
Kathy Zieben Threadbare Souls 12"x 12"
Heidi Zielinski Earth Spirit 12"x 12"
Heidi Zielinski Warning 12"x 12"