Sacred Threads

The future of Sacred Threads

After 12 wonderful years in the Washington DC area, we would like to invite conversation about how to nurture the mission of Sacred Threads in a new way.

The team in Virginia would like to pass the baton to a new leadership team, in a new location, with new ideas and energy.

The Sacred Threads community has grown into a vibrant, creative entity enabling quilters from varied traditions to gather and share the expressions of their life’s journey. The ability to create a safe space for the expression of individual stories has remained a constant source of strength for Sacred Threads.

Please help us envision the future for Sacred Threads as we celebrate this last physical exhibition in the Washington DC area. 

We would like to invite interested parties to engage in conversation about what could come next for Sacred Threads. While the mission will remain the same, how to implement the vision can certainly evolve.

We invite anyone that would like to learn more to come to Sacred Threads in July. Get a "behind the scenes" look at how our team puts on the exhibit.

If you would like to be added to a list of interested parties, please fill out this brief contact form. Following the exhibit this summer, we will be in touch to schedule some meetings for you to learn more and ask questions.