Sacred Threads

ST Logo Our 2022 Travel Exhibit Artists

Congratulations to our 38 artists who have been selected to travel to venues across the US for two years following our July 2022 exhibition.

Category/Theme Quilt Title Name (First) Name (Last)
Grief How Many Tears Does It Take to Mend A Broken Heart? Sharon Buck
Grief Melancholia Linda Colsh
Grief November 9th 1946 Gabriele DiTota
Grief Fifty-Eight Lisa Jenni
Grief Torn Apart Viviana Lombrozo
Grief Daisies Katie Pasquini Masopust
Grief Fire Season Dorothy Raymond
Grief Testimony of Yazmin Juarez Ivy Sandz
Grief "I am Strong" Beth Frisbie Wallace
Grief Shattered Hope Wilmarth
Healing "Rising" #1 in a Series Barbara Jones
Healing Free at Last Karen Miller
Healing The Diagnosis Mary Ann Nailos
Healing High Anxiety Heather Pregger
Healing All in This Together Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo
Inspiration Rise Up Deborah Baillieul
Inspiration Pink Coleus Susan Brubaker Knapp
Inspiration The Purple Barn Liz Danish
Inspiration Blessed Are the Piecemakers Susan Price
Inspiration Reaching Higher Judith Roderick
Inspiration Beside the Still Waters Elaine Ross
Inspiration The Creative Hand Carolyn Skei
Joy What Holds Us Linda Mushka
Joy Balloon Days Janice Schwarz
Joy April Showers Linda Syverson Guild
Joy Sun Salutation Maggie Ward
Joy Give Thanks Sauda A. Zahra
Peace/Brotherhood They Cry Out David Charity
Peace/Brotherhood Borderline Theresa Polley-Shellcroft
Peace/Brotherhood Sharbat Paula Straw
Spirituality Cath├ędrale des 1000 soleils/ Cathedral of 1000 suns anne bellas
Spirituality I Believe Shannon Conley
Spirituality Gates of Evening Shannon Dion
Spirituality Diamond of a Thousand Suns Mary Kay Fosnacht
Spirituality Catal Hoyuk Lioness Peg Green
Spirituality In Search of African Gods 2 Toni Kersey
Spirituality Still Weeping on the Via Dolorosa Terry Peckarsky
Spirituality Angel of Humility Candice Phelan