Sacred Threads

Audio Tour Instructions 2019

Did you know that Sacred Threads provides an audio tour for our visitors to hear, in your voice, your special story? 

We continually get feedback about our audio tour and learn what a difference it makes to our visitors. They appreciate connecting with you the artist, and learning more about your artwork. To make this a success again for 2017, we need your participation!

The signage accompanying each quilt will offer our visitors a phone number to call and hear additional information about you, your artwork and your sacred journey.

We are asking you to follow these simple instructions to call into a voice recoding site and record a short statement about your quilt.

Below you will find guidelines for recording your information and some questions to inspire you.

Talk in the first person using "I" statements.
Tell a short story (60 seconds) about your quilt that is compelling and relevant and not part of the Artist Statement that the visitor will be reading while listening to you.
Do not discuss techniques or construction. We are more interested in the heart and soul of your quilt.
It may help to write down what you would like to say and practice out loud before recording. Talk clearly and choose a quiet space using a phone that has a good connection and do not use the speaker.
Please introduce yourself with your name and where you live.

Feel free to use one or more of these questions as inspiration and remember to keep it to 60 seconds:

Idea Questions:
Why did you enter your quilt into Sacred Threads?
What special meaning does your quilt have for you?
Discuss any special symbolism in your quilt.
What are you most proud of in your quilt?

When you are ready call (415) 610-8181.

Enter Account: 4838 followed by the # key.
Enter User ID: 456789 followed by the # key.
Enter Password: 456789 followed by the # key.
Enter your Prompt number followed by the # key.

To look up your Prompt #, please click on this document.

Press 1 to record.
Press # to start recording and begin speaking after the tone.
Press the # key again to stop the recording.
When you are done, press the # key again to stop the recording.
After you have stopped the recording, you will be given the options:
Press 1 to hear your recording
Press 2 to re-record
Press 3 to save

WARNING: If you do not press 3 to save the recording, it will not be captured and you will have to record it again!

(Note: if there is a recording already with the number you punched in, you may have typed in the wrong number. You do not want to accidently overwrite someone else's recording. If you are confident that you are entering your number correctly, please don't delete the existing entry. Another artist may have made a mistake. Let us know and we will move it to the correct place and then have you record your entry.)

We would appreciate you making your recording by June 10, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact Audrey Lipps, our artist coordinator at

Thank you to our sponsors: