2017 Exhibit Artworks

Theme Title First Name Middle Name Last Name 2017 Travel Exhibit
Grief The Day Before/The Months After Lynne Allen
Grief Wage Hope Ann Brakob
Grief Broken Dreams I Julie Bunker
Grief "Lost in the Garden Maze" Christine Schramm Cetrulo YES
Grief Fleeting Beauty Misty M Cole
Grief Dreams of Futures Lost Karla R Dahms
Grief Despair Donna Jean Downer
Grief Hot Rocks and Stone Soup Robin Beth Fragner
Grief Oppressed to Oppressor: A Family History Mary Louise  Gerek YES
Grief Holding On, Letting Go Laura Moss  Gottlieb YES
Grief Weeping for Home Julia Graber
Grief Birdsong I: Yearning Sonia Grasvik
Grief A Wildfire Breathing Dragon Julie Hallquist
Grief "Off Her Rocker" Sandra Holland
Grief Organza #1: Therapy Bernadette Houghton
Grief Grieving Peace Christina  E.  Johnson
Grief Abandoned Dreams Susanne Miller Jones
Grief Our Baby Beloved Susan Lenz
Grief Grief Meg L. Little
Grief Obituary Jackie Manley
Grief Death Did Us Part Jackie Manley
Grief Another Day of Suffering from Obstetric Fistula Mary Ann McCammon
Grief The black dresses Lorie  McCown YES
Grief Mean Mr. Mustard Sharon McDonagh
Grief Fragile Hearts - Dallas Carol Meadows
Grief Waves of Grief Barbara J Mitchell
Grief Abandoned Judy Momenzadeh
Grief Missing Karen S Musgrave
Grief Jenny My Jenny Joan J Nicholson
Grief Between At Last and Always Bobbe Shapiro Nolan
Grief Elephant In The Room Bonnie Jean Rhoby
Grief Jesus in the Arms of Mary Claire Shortridge Sievers
Grief Electronic Intrusion Sandra Small  Proudfoot
Grief Comfort and Joy Nancy Kay Smith
Grief Missing and Murdered Jocelyne Sobeski
Grief At Peace Bill Stearman
Grief The Rest Of The Story Bill Stearman
Grief Dark Days: Where Does it End? Heather G. Stoltz
Grief Life and death in the garden Priscilla Stultz
Grief Refugee Series Judith Tomlinson Trager
Grief Hope B Lynn  Tubbe YES
Grief Elegy for a Beautiful Son Mary Vaneecke
Grief After The Storm Judy Warner
Grief From Matilda, to Mary, to Me Eileen Wintemute
Grief Where Am I Going? Dianne Miller Wolman
Grief No Olvidados / Not Forgotten Sabrina  Zarco
Healing The MP Cure Meredith Armstrong
Healing Hospital Flowers Carol Smith Baker
Healing Do You See What I See? Wendy Blanton
Healing Compassion Sydne  Bortel
Healing Too Soon Deb Brockway
Healing Healing Series - Smile, Rope Rhymes with Hope, Rise Up:, and On My Feet Earamichia Brown
Healing Annie's Requiem Tracy Brownell Weisman
Healing Broken Shelly Burge
Healing Centering  Susan Callahan
Healing Dreams of Japan Vicki Conley
Healing The Path of the Flood Elizabeth Danish YES
Healing Choosing the Words Elizabeth Danish
Healing If I Had a Flower... Gabriele DiTota
Healing Art With Benefits Diane Dresdner
Healing Pure Water for Life Barbara Eisenstein
Healing Light a Single Candle Albert Feldman
Healing What if. . . .there is a Divine Purpose in Everything? Marla Ferguson
Healing Mothers of Gynecology Michelle Flamer
Healing Cypress With Moss Julia Graber
Healing Birdsong VII: Forget Me Not Sonia Grasvik
Healing Wall of Depression Christine Hager-Braun
Healing Guadalupe Visits La Frontera Barbara J. Hall
Healing May through November 2016 Julie Hallquist YES
Healing Everything I Need Terry Hartzell YES
Healing Cosmic Tree of Life Susanna Hotchkiss
Healing Sunday Morning Nichole Matthews Hunter
Healing Bit by Bit: Recovering From Breast Cancer One Stitch at a Time Charlotte Jackson
Healing 52 Years of the Blues Linda Jurkiewicz
Healing Vinyasa Susan Cooper Kline
Healing Tidal III-Source Roxanne Howard Lasky
Healing Colors of Healing Sharon A Leahy
Healing The Mirror Liz Marks
Healing Healing Transitions Suzanne W Meader
Healing Dragonfly Paths Jane H Oliver
Healing One Hundred Months of Trying-A Trying Hundred Months Elizabeth Ferry Pekins
Healing Rocks Are Smiling  Wen Redmond
Healing I want my husband back Susan Lynn Robbins
Healing Despair...and Hope! Elaine J. Ross YES
Healing The Garden Birgit Ruotsala
Healing The Fire Quilt Debby Schnabel
Healing A New Dawn Roxanne Schwartz YES
Healing Jerry Leaves Susan   Smith
Healing Toward Wholeness Shoshana R Spiegel
Healing Your Light Shines Through Carole Gary Staples
Healing The Charleston Mourning Quilt Beth Stewart-Ozark
Healing A Worthy Accomplishment Suzann Thompson
Healing Our Journey Peggy Trickler
Healing Post Traumatic Stress Demons Patricia Anderson Turner
Healing Just A Whisper Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert
Healing And Still We Dance Jim Vander Noot YES
Healing Moving On Maggie Ward
Healing C8: Fatigue Ruth A White
Healing Inner Voice Askew Ruth A White
Healing After The Rain Rosanne Flack Williamson
Healing Fall Was Her Favorite Time of Year Hope Wilmarth
Inspiration Colors Kitty Mary Amaral
Inspiration Help Everyone Dance Madelyn Bell
Inspiration Love, Stinger Kay Benedict YES
Inspiration Violin of Hope Saundra Stavis Bohl
Inspiration In Honor of My Father Joan Bratton
Inspiration Delilah's Summer Day Karen Amelia Brown YES
Inspiration Heaven on Earth Diane Lillian Cadrain
Inspiration Ball Gown with Silk Cape Susan Callahan
Inspiration Spread the Love Doris Carr
Inspiration Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Anne Fernald Cross
Inspiration May in Chicago Barbara Dahlberg
Inspiration Ruby Bridges, 6 years old, 1960 Willa Downes
Inspiration Hellebore 1 - Renewal Annabel Ebersole  YES
Inspiration Autism Kerry A Faraone
Inspiration Unity 4  Medicine Wheel Series Linda Filby-Fisher
Inspiration Book of Kells Karen Grace Fisher
Inspiration Tryptich of Process: Resist Ruminate Resolve Norma T Fredrickson
Inspiration Don't Look Back, You're Not Going That Way Sally Freeberg
Inspiration Finding Fatima Elaine Girard
Inspiration Cells Debra Bailey Goley
Inspiration Be Still and Know Jean C. R. Grimes
Inspiration Moth and Rust - Luna Terry Hartzell
Inspiration The Weaver Nancy Karst
Inspiration The Pearl of Great Price Patsy Kaufman
Inspiration Bud to Bloom jill Kerttula
Inspiration Grandmother's Flower Garden/ Garden of Eden (double sided) Lauren Kingsland
Inspiration Life Cycles pat kroth
Inspiration A Sacred Place Diane C Lochala
Inspiration A Prayer in Every Stitch Viviana Lombrozo
Inspiration Aging On Sherri Lipman McCauley
Inspiration On the Wind LINDA A. MILLER
Inspiration Coqui Serenade Dabney Harfst Narvaez
Inspiration Creation Panel Installation - Days 1, 2 Creation Team  NeedleChasers of Chevy Chase
Inspiration Cpl. August H. Nelson Linda Nelson Johnson
Inspiration This We'll Defend: 3768 3081 Linda Nelson Johnson
Inspiration MY GUARDIAN ANGEL ROCKS Kate Owens
Inspiration Moon Flower Martha Petry
Inspiration Tree Trunks V:  Avebury Dorothy Raymond YES
Inspiration Standing Tall Elaine J. Ross
Inspiration Love in the Language of Flowers Lin Schiffner
Inspiration Bird In Her Hand Susan Schrott
Inspiration Life's Buttons Deborah Cromwell Schupp
Inspiration Dreams of a Sand Scuplture Stephanye Schuyler YES
Inspiration Warping the Fabric of Space and Time Joni Seidenstein
Inspiration Willingly She Works with Her Hands Karen Sirianni
Inspiration She Who Hears Jeanne Sisson
Inspiration Hell's Backbone Buddha Anne Insolia Smyers
Inspiration Full Moon Reflections Jeanne W. Theodore
Inspiration Forget Me Not Gerrie  Lynne Thompson YES
Inspiration Mission Espada Walkway Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert
Inspiration Lights in the firmament Winifred Booze Wallace
Inspiration There is always Hope Valerie Cecilia White
Inspiration Magdalena's Sky Emily Rose Williamson
Inspiration Florida: Gulls Martha Wolfe YES
Inspiration Florida: Black Skimmer Martha Wolfe
Inspiration Pietra Dura  Sally  Gould  Wright 
Joy Bali Boys Linda C Anderson
Joy The Center 1.5 Diane Beirwagen
Joy Simple Joys Kay Campbell
Joy neon Laurie Ceesay YES
Joy Childhood Memory Joyce E. Daniels
Joy Watch Out! Sally Freeberg
Joy Mia & Michael's Chuppah Karen Ann Fricke
Joy Mia& Michael's Seven Species Chuppah Quilt Karen Ann Fricke
Joy Babysitting Julia Gaff
Joy Playing with Colors Cindy Grisdela
Joy Harlequin #2 Anne Schwartz Hammond
Joy Summer Sing Along Jean Herman
Joy All that Glitters Heidi Kristen Heuerman YES
Joy Lift Stacy Hurt
Joy City Cycling Janice M Jones
Joy Abundant Joy Mary Kerr
Joy Boundless Joy, The Red Balloon Jane L King
Joy By The Sea Suzanne  Kistler YES
Joy Eagle Dancer Millah Nikkel
Joy "Stwabewies Peeze" Devon Pfeif
Joy Summer Iris Karen Ponischil
Joy The Misty Marsh Joan Ann Raciti
Joy Blast Off Ann Ruthsdottir
Joy Pinot and Red Culottes: Hey! Mom. It's finished ... Again Claudia Cole Sammis
Joy Gender Reveal: 4 years, 3 Children, 2 Gender Reveals and 1 Cat! Meena Schaldenbrand
Joy Next Year in Jerusalem Susan Schrott
Joy Doppelgänger Emmie Seaman YES
Joy VW Bus Teresa Shippy
Joy Summertime Memories – (Summerside III) MaryEllen Simmons
Joy Tulum Moon Kim Svoboda
Joy Eucalyptus Euphoria Diane Hanna Taylor
Joy Lollipop Dianne Harris Thomas YES
Joy A Song of Joy Ann Elizabeth Turley
Joy "Joyful" Susan Van Voorhees
Joy Bellissimo Italy Annette Winward
Joy Golden Years Diane M Wright
Peace/Brotherhood Marafiki Barbara Allen YES
Peace/Brotherhood Hand of Peace Bonnie Dubbin Askowitz
Peace/Brotherhood Lifeline Meghan Welch Betts YES
Peace/Brotherhood Our Girls are Gone Meghan Welch Betts
Peace/Brotherhood We Are All Connected  Noreen Borys
Peace/Brotherhood Two Rooms, River View Joan Bratton YES
Peace/Brotherhood Promise of Peace M. C. Bunte
Peace/Brotherhood Flames and Embers Shelly Burge
Peace/Brotherhood Cultural Solidarity Sonia  Marie Callahan
Peace/Brotherhood What the World Needs Now Gabriele DiTota
Peace/Brotherhood Where Are the Peacemakers? Elaine W. Evans
Peace/Brotherhood Voices of Peace Katherine Anne Gollahon
Peace/Brotherhood Origins Lucinda Graber
Peace/Brotherhood Solar Waves Julia Scheffelin Graves
Peace/Brotherhood Suffragettes Suits of Power Judith Vincentz Gula
Peace/Brotherhood Peaceful Reflection - The Henry House Nancy Hershberger
Peace/Brotherhood Blessed Are the Peace Makers Jacqueline Johnson
Peace/Brotherhood T'ung Jen--Fellowship/Heaven Over Fire (Hexagram 13 of I Ching) Mirka Knaster
Peace/Brotherhood Contrasting Views Sonja Lambach Pavlik
Peace/Brotherhood Blue is Not my Favorite Color Mary Ann McCammon YES
Peace/Brotherhood Black Beauties Beth Schnellenberger YES
Peace/Brotherhood Tickling the Ivories Gwyned Trefethen
Peace/Brotherhood Impressions of Inle Lake Christine Vinh YES
Peace/Brotherhood Sydney Harbour Bridge #3 Dianne Miller Wolman
Spirituality Zazen Margaret Abramshe YES
Spirituality Live by the Truth Donna Albert
Spirituality Quiet Time Levern Allen
Spirituality Each Little Bird Patty Arensen
Spirituality Getting Our Jesus On Lisa Arthaud
Spirituality Chi Rho Carol Lynn Auer YES
Spirituality Black Hole Polly Bech
Spirituality Emerging Mary Anne Caplinger
Spirituality in nomine Patris Shannon Conley
Spirituality Sacred Cave of the Ancestors Elizabeth  Bradford Davison
Spirituality The Intersection of the Dalai Lama and the Higgs Boson M. Camille Eaton Romig
Spirituality Emergence Patty  Emmons
Spirituality The Fallen Jane Fellows
Spirituality The Messenger April Whiteside Foster
Spirituality Woodland Sanctuary Jan  Gavin YES
Spirituality Three In One Debra Bailey Goley
Spirituality Portal Kathryn Campbell Gray
Spirituality The Last Supper Virginia Greaves
Spirituality The Gate Susan Egge Haftel
Spirituality In the Beginning .... Linda Witte Henke
Spirituality Come, Holy Spirit, Come Linda Witte Henke
Spirituality Fruit Harvest Bounty Cathie Irene Hoover
Spirituality Vessels:  Clay Treasures cheryl Deene Hurd
Spirituality The Resurrection Leslie Jennings
Spirituality "I thirst" Joan Rae Johnson
Spirituality A New Life Linda P Keithley
Spirituality September Storm-the Dark Night of the Soul Toni Kersey YES
Spirituality West Toward Home VIII, Holy Family Resting Ellie Rude Kreneck
Spirituality Finding Sacred Space Lynn M. Kunz
Spirituality Pyrite Ammonites Kimberly Lacy
Spirituality Guiding Star Neani Maria Mee
Spirituality St. Gabriel Judy Momenzadeh YES
Spirituality Snake Woman Susie Monday
Spirituality Creation Installation NeedleChasers of Chevy Chase
Spirituality Chi Rho Technic Alice Alize Norman
Spirituality Eucharisteo Terry Peckarsky
Spirituality Madonna Karen Ponischil YES
Spirituality Freedom Found Patricia A Powers
Spirituality Circle Prayer Patricia A Powers
Spirituality "Frog Pond, Misty Day" C. Ann Robertson YES
Spirituality Black Elk Speaks Lynn Rogers
Spirituality "A Miracle with Roses" Marisela Rumberg
Spirituality His Kingdom Will Never End Debby Schnabel
Spirituality Prayer Flags in the Woods Kate Schneider-Braus
Spirituality Winter Solstice Ricki Smith Selva
Spirituality Traveler's Mizrach Claire Sherman
Spirituality After the snow falls Jocelyne Sobeski
Spirituality Finding My Center Heather Stahnke
Spirituality Mary And Joseph Emily Mae Stevens
Spirituality Watching Gerrie  Lynne Thompson  
Spirituality La Chiesa di Bolzano Vicentino Barbara Triscari
Spirituality Genesis Maggie Vanderweit
Spirituality Starry Night over Chaco Canyon Alice Vollaro
Spirituality Pilgrimage/The Genuine Heart of Sadness Barbara Leibhardt Wester
Spirituality Soar Nanette S. Zeller





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